Frequently Asked Questions


The Krewe of Pygmalion is a New Orleans carnival organization comprised of men and women, and we are always looking for fun and exciting new members who will continue to make our Krewe one of the best in New Orleans.

We have approximately 450 members, with a full cast of Royalty including King, Queen, Maids, Jr. Maids, Jr. Dukes and male and female pages.

In addition to our parade, we also have various fun functions throughout the year including crawfish boils; a Coronation Ball; a Gala Ball Masque with a sit down dinner, open bar, and music; a pre-parade party with music and an open bar; and Pygmalion Fest, which is a huge after-parade party featuring the hottest bands.

Why just watch the parade when you can be in it? Experience the fun and excitement of being in a Mardi Gras parade! Our Membership Packages make it very affordable for you to join.

Anybody who wants to have a fun can join. We have an open membership, and both men and women can join.

See our Membership Page for the latest information on annual dues and packages.

Joining The Krewe Of Pygmalion is easy!  Just fill out the form online on our Membership Page.

You have until September 1st to pay for your membership. However, please note that a small deposit is required at the time you submit your membership application.

The Krewe of Pygmalion parades on Saturday of the first weekend of Mardi Gras.  In 2022, we will parade on Saturday, February 19th.

It is important that you follow the instructions of your float Lieutenant.  Your lieutenant is responsible to assure that all city and Krewe rules and regulations are followed.  Your lieutenant has the authority to remove anyone from the float who does not follow these instructions.

It is not permitted to throw anything, which has the name of any Krewe other than the Krewe of Pygmalion.

It is not permitted to throw anything inciting violence, vulgarity or political disturbance.

Please know ahead of time when and where things are taking place.  Your Krewe officers are very busy on the day of the parade and it’s difficult for us to give you instructions at that time.




Participants must be decently attired

No participant shall be obviously intoxicated

No smoking on the floats

No glass is allowed on floats

No silly string, stink bombs, stink spray, bomb bags, or laser pointers on board

Do not litter the route or staging area with cartons or packaging

Do not ask tractor operator to make unscheduled stops

Do not distribute throws in the assembly area or disbanding area

Do not use nails on floats.  Only screw hooks are permitted to hang your throws